Yoni Divine Intimate Oil

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Yoni pampering is a very under represented area in self-care. We often focus so much attention on our face when it comes to skin care, that most women don't even think about their Yoni intimate skin in terms of skincare. Just like the delicate skin under our eyes age, so does the skin around the vulva.

Pampering rituals such as waxing, shaving, and lasering all can cause irritation, itching and inflammation to your sensitive skin. In addition, aging, child bearing, and sex can comprise our skins integrity. With that being said Yoni self care should not be overlooked! Just like under eye serum the sooner you start the better!

This herbal infused oil is packed with anti aging, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and skin regenerating properties. This sacred blend of botanicals will soothe your skin, soften your hair, promote skin integrity, tightening, and leave you feeling fresh and tranquil. A must have to add into your self-care and pampering routine and rituals.

Also, this oil doubles as an all natural lubricant formulated with aphrodisiacs like Jasmin, Rose, Damania, this is the perfect oil for pleasure and passion!

This formula is a fragrance and essential oil free mix of organic sweet almond oil and organic coconut oil that has been slow infused with multitude of purposeful botanicals such as:

Calendula-It is a powerful vulnernary, healing the body by promoting cell repair ,and acts as an antiseptic, keeping infection from occurring in injuries. Most often used  externally for its skin soothing effects for bruises, burns, sores, and skin ulcers. Also can be used internally for cramps, fevers, gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, cramps, indigestion, and diarrhea. 

Red Raspberry Leaves- Highly nourishing reproductive tonic, providing nutrients that tone and strengthen the entire genitourinary system. One of the richest sources iron and manganese. Manganese is used by the body to produce healthy connective tissue. 

Red Clover- One of the best detoxification herbs. Rich in minerals most notably calcium, nitrogen, and iron. Suitable for all skin types. Internally a great blood purifier and hormone balancer.

Schisandra- Well known for its infinity for the sexual organs, She is also an astringent known for skin tightening.

Yarrow- Counters inflammation and tissue swelling. Contains a phytochemical that ease muscle spasms making it helpful for mensural cramps. 

Rose Buds and Petal-Abundance of self love.

Chamomile- Powerful anti-inflammatory and super soothing to help with irritation and itch.

Lavender- Is a strong nervine, one of the best for herbs alleviating tension, stress, and insomnia. Excellent for soothing skin from bites, burns, and bumps. 

Oatstraw- Mucilaginous properties make it helpful for damage myelin shealth, which covers and protects nerve fibers. 

Damania- Has a strong reputation as an herb of passion, romance, and longevity. It is completely restorative; it restores exhausted nerves, dreams, sexual vitality, and spirt. Strengthens the reproductive systems of both men and women. Its nervine and toning properties make it great for the yoni.

Rose Hips-Packed with vitamin C and is a noted antioxidant with disease-fighting abilities. Astringent and toning. 

Motherwort- Best known for its beneficial properties for women, especially for menopausal women, also very beneficial as a heart tonic. It is valued for many women's health issues

Licorice-Is specific for the reproductive system. Has a never ending range of health benefits. It is a soothing demulcent and anti-inflammatory. Studies has proven that licorice infused vaginal cream can improve vaginal atrophy. Vaginal atrophy refers to thinning, dryness, inflammation of the vaginal walls, where an increase in vaginal pH occurs during menopause and is caused by diminished estrogen levels in most cases. 

Jasmine CO2 extract- "the perfume of love" A well known aphrodisiac, has been proven to boost libido.


How to use:

Apply a few drops by hand or topically to the Mons Pubis (pubic area) and Labia Majora (outer lips) for preservation, passion, and pleasure.