pHabulous Refreshing Bath Soak

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Refresh, repair, and rebalance your pH with this botanical infused apple cider vinegar bath soak.

Originally formulated for feminine hygiene but quickly discovered this blend can benefit both men and women skin. 

Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory properties work wonders and act as a slight chemical peel, eliminate odors, itch, athletes foot, yeast infections, alleviate UTI symptoms, bring balance to imbalanced pH, after sun soak, or foot soak.

Soaking your feet daily used to be a common practice amongst many ancient cultures for centuries. Our feet hold more nerve endings and sweat glands per centimeter that any other part of our body. Our feet are the "roots" of our body, that hold pressure points and pathways to all of the bodies systems. Soaking the feet have the same relaxing and detoxing effects as taking a full body soak, if not more. Foot soaks can help relive fatigue, pain, stress, tension, low blood pressure and assist your lymphatic drainage by boosting circulation.

Add 4 TB of soak to full body bath or 2 Tb to foot bath for refreshing soak.