Medicinal Oil

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This infusion was handcrafted with the intention of bringing relief by harnessing the medicinal properties of this blend made up of 13 botanicals and 6 oils.

This oil is great for:

  • Sore muscles and joints
  • Cramps, aches and pains
  • Bruises
  • Post work out
  • Massage

This is a fragrance and essential oil free product. Natural scents captured from infusion are normal. Shake well! 

    Ingredients include Avocado oil infused with Hemp, Arnica, Lavender, Rose Hip, Skull Cap, Licorice, Yarrow, Chamomile, Motherwort, Calendula, Cramp Bark, Licorice, Rose and Cayenne Pepper mixed with jojoba oil, Hemp oil, Lavender infused Rose hip oil, Motherwort infused Evening Primrose oil and vitamin E oil.