Gua Sha tool

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The all natural facelift!

This uniquely shaped Bian stone is your new best friend!

Gua Sha is an ancient self-care ritual tool that lifts and detoxifies the skin by increasing circulation and toning muscles.

A multi-use tool that is easy to use, compact, and convenient for travel. 

Black Bian stone to transmute negative energy. Engraved with our logo, a Reiki symbol called Cho Ku Rei, know as the power symbol. This symbol meaning "placing all the powers of the universe here"

Use this ancient ritual tool used for

  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Defining bone structure by de-puffing the face
  • Increases flow of Qi
  • Stimulating circulation for lymphatic drainage
  • Releases blockages of tension and stagnation
  • Toning and tightening of skin

The benefits do not end at the face. Use this tool for tension release and lymphatic drainage throughout the whole body!

The tool comes in a small box with detailed visual and written instructions on how to use the tool to get the best results.  This is a natural stone, imperfections are normal