Earth Goddess Mud Mask

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This blend of clays and botanicals is the perfect mask to pull all the gunk deep down in your pores. This mask can be used on face, neck and armpits! It will leave your skin soft, clean, firm and glowing.

A blend of organic bentonite clay, kaolin clay, comfrey powder, calendula powder, rose hip powder, and aloe vera leaf powder.


  1. Add 1-2 ts of powder into non-metal bowl
  2. Add 1 ts of ACV or water to bowl and mix well until the consistency is thick but spreadable similar to pancake batter
  3. Apply to face, neck, and armpits. I like to use a brush.
  4. Let dry for 15 min
  5. Remove and exfoliate with warm washcloth.
  6. Moisturize  

Temporary redness after ritual is normal, this just means the clays were working to bring blood to skins surface to help with detoxing your pores. 

Can also be used as cleansing grains for a quick face wash!