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The organic herbal loose leaf tea blend is handcrafted with the intention of clearing stagnant waste, in digestive track, blood and lymph. This tea is gently detoxifying, astringent and slightly sweet. This blend is great for clearing skin, helping with bloating, and moving stagnation 

A blend of 

hibiscus-a tropical flower packed with skin loving antioxidants and vitamin C

calendula-a flower that gently cleanses the lymph and blood, rich in skin healing properties 

cleavers-well known for its lymph cleansing properties and a natural diuretic 

chickweed-great for all skin issues, may also help with weight loss

spearmint-clarifying for the mind, relaxing for the digestion, stimulating energy without caffeine 

licorice- helps to clear skin, soothe digestion, support kidneys and liver, support immune system with anti inflammatory properties 

This tea comes in a a 3 oz reusable tin, will make roughly 50-60 cups of tea

Taste is slightly fruity, tart, and sweet with a mint of mint.