About Natalies Naturals


Natalie’s Naturals is a line of botanical bath, body and beauty products inspired by ancient herbal traditions and created for modern self-care. Our products are consciously crafted to support you in feeling grounded, excited and aligned with nature.
Our non-toxic formulations are free from synthetic oils, fragrances, colors, fillers and other harmful ingredients. All raw materials come from hand processed, family-owned businesses all over the world, where we personally source our supplies for the finest quality products.


My entire life I have suffered from skin issues and had a sensitive constitution. I suffered from reactions to just about any cream, lotion, make up, fragrance, chemicals or medications I used.
I never payed much attention to what I was putting on or into my body until I had my first child. I quickly discovered how under-regulated our cosmetic industry is. I could not believe how many cheap, toxic chemicals I was dosing my body with day in and day out by using even the most basic body care products like lotion, lip balms and soaps.