Skincare fact you should know

Skincare fact you should know

Over the years of my skincare journey I have learned a lot about skin and what it takes to heal. I have had every skin disorder from eczema, psoriasis, perioral dermatitis, hives, even scabies when I was kid! I have been to countless doctors, dermatologist and specialists all to have zero answers or guidance on how to actually heal my skin. 

Besides the fact that the skincare market is flooded with promises of being a cure-all but actually have harmful harsh ingredients that do more damage to your skin than good. I have found that the number one way to heal ongoing skin issues is not about what you are putting on your skin. Although this is a huge component to healing, but not before what you put IN your body!

A disrupted gut microbiome and congested liver will always result in skin issues in one form or another. 

Working to heal your gut and unburden your liver will make worlds of a difference in your skin. 

-a good probiotic, warming foods at every meal, and apple cider vinegar before meals is a good place to start!

The liver needs a properly functioning digestive system to do its job. When the liver has no place to dump the waste then it is released into your skin!

Incorporating herbs like calendula, nettle, burdock, and rose hips into your routine is important for detoxing waste from the body. 

Lymphatic drainage also ties into this mix because no system in the body works alone, heals alone, or breaks down alone. The body is a beautiful synergistic design. So treating it as a whole and not individual components will help to actually start to heal.

Things like dry brushing, gua sha, jumping, walking, deep breathing. ,and manual massage can all assist your drainage flow. Which will directly help with skin issues. 

So before you drop a bag on all the must have products out there, first look to clean up the inside! 

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