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Natalies Naturals Botanica

Flower Power Botancial Body Oil

Flower Power Botancial Body Oil

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This infused body oil was crafted with a blend of powerful flowers for a everyday body oil that is healing, protective, and anti-aging. Safe for all skin types and is great for babies after bath! 

Blended with premium ingredients such as organic Sunflower Oil that is slow infused for 6 weeks with Helichrysum flowers, Safflower, Calendula flowers, Jasmine petals, Rose petals, Rose Hip, Lavender bud, and Frankincense Gum. Then it is pressed out and mixed with Jasmine CO2 Extract, Rose CO2 Extract, and vitamin E oil. 

  • Absorbs quickly
  • Soothing 
  • Calming
  • Softening

Helichrysum - the flower of eternal life! This flower never looses its color or smell even when dried! This bright yellow beauty is packed with anti aging and healing properties.

Jasmine-Can heal skin damage at a cellular level. Beautiful fragrance that is an aphrodisiac. 

Rose- The flower of love, passion, and aura elevation. Medicinal properties helps with anti aging and inflammation. Helps with opening heart chakra.

Chamomile- Her smooth and gentle properties help to call him and he’ll inflamed itchy skin and helps the body feel relaxed

Lavender-her aromatherapy properties are ultra calming 

Rose hip- Packed with vitamin C that help smooth, brighten and even skin tone.

Safflower- Antiaging properties that gives the skin a beautiful glow


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