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Flawless Face tea

Flawless Face tea

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This blend was handcrafted with the intention of healing skin from the inside out! Aides in all things beauty, anti-aging, and clear glowing skin!

A special blend of 

Butterfly Pea-A flower that's packed with anti-aging properties, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. 

Helichrysum-The flower of immortal life! A price botanical that has been highly sought after for centuries! This beauties radiant yellow pigment never fades even after being dried! Packed with beauty benefits like anti-aging, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties that clear and heal the skin! Is used in Ayurveda for balancing for all three Doshas types and is a powerful for the heart chakra!

Yarrow-A digestive aid that helps to soothe and protect stomach lining. Also known for its skin clearing abilities. 

Rose Hip-Full of vitamin C and antioxidants 

Calendula-known for its magical ability to clear skin and stimulating lymphatic drainage

Rose-The flower of beauty, helps to calm and cool the skin and mind. Also a powerful vulnerary and nervivne. Opens the heart chakra to love and is a powerful aphrodisiac! 

Lemon peel- Many medicinal properties, as well as toning and anti-aging. 


This blend is comes in a reusable 3 oz , 1 oz tin, and a 3 oz refill bag and can make up to 40-50 cups of tea!


Always consult with your doctor before taking any herbs. Do not use while Pregnant. Butterfly pea can cause early contractions. This information is not intending to treat or diagnose any medical condition and is for educational purposes only. 

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