5 Herbal Tea Blends for Mind, Body, and Soul

Organic Herbal loose leaf tea is not only delicious and far better tasting than the stale dusty herbs in those micro-plastic tea bags sold at the stores, but it can be very healing for the mind, body, and spirit. An ancient ritual of self love and self healing.

Herbal Tea formulation is one of my favorite practices. A mix of knowledge and intuition, guides me to p

I find joy being able to pull herbs from my apothecary shelves and mix together a delicious blend for whatever my current aliment is.

Even better when you plan ahead and have your favorite blends mixed up and ready to go on hand. Especially if you are in pain or in a hurry, you are less likely to reach for your herbal allies if they are not readily available in a time of need. 

These 5 blends have been a staple in my rituals for years. Tried and true and always hit the spot. You can blend them up yourself, or find them on my shop, with various other blends. 

1. Golden Hour- 

This is a traditional blend used for golden milk and or golden chia. Packed with anti-inflammatory properties this blend will help beat the bloat, reduce gas, move your bowels, and reduce swelling and inflammation causing pain. 

A blend of 

Turmeric- stimulates digestion and  great for liver and gallbladder, reduces inflammation and eases chronic pain

Ginger-A pungent aromatic, relieve nausea, vomiting and motion sickness. It stimulates digestive secretions when used with or after meals

Cinnamon- a warming stimulant, useful as a digestive and circulatory stimulant

Black pepper- stimulates digestion and intestinal mobility to ease gas and bloating!

Taste warming, mildly earthy and slightly spicy

2. Digestive Fire

This blend helps with building your digestive fire for optimal digestion, less bloat, less gas and regulate bowel movements. Digestion is the root of all wellness. If your digestive system is off your entire life is off!

Fennel-a wonderful carminative (gas reliever), stimulates digestion and reduces intestinal gas. It also helps to sweeten breastmilk and increases production. 

Chamomile-Good gastric anti-inflammatory and mild sedative. 

Oatstraw- Rich in silica, it is used as a nourishing mineralizer and a mild nervine. 

Anise- A soothing aromatic used to settle upset stomach and expel gas. 

Ginger- A pungent aromatic, with its warming properties it is frequently used to relieve nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, inflammation, bloating, constipation, and expel gas. 

Licorice-A strong mucosal anti-inflammatory, great for gastric, esophageal, urinary, and respiratory inflammation. 

3. Woosah- This blend was hand crafted with the intention of relieving stress, anxiety, and tension. 

Burdock Root- a folk medicine favorite! Has a long list of benefits besides relieving chronic stress. Burdock cleans the blood, packs with antioxidants, anti viral, anti inflammatory properties, quercetin and much more. 

Kava- highly sought after and prized herb because of its powerful potent properties that lower cortisol levels, reduce anxiety, and calm the mind, body and soul.

Licorice- Soothing properties aid in digestions, inflammation, and calm the nervous system. Especially the gut-brain connection. Anxiety can stem from an upset stomach!

Passion Flower- excellent for relieving anxiety, and melting tension!

Chamomile- the ultimate soother. Gently yet powerful!

Oatstraw- Nerve nourishing properties will help cool you down mentally and physically! Helps to clear mind so you can relax and focus. 

Cinnamon- a Catalyst that creates warm circulation through out the body. Aides in release stagnation blockages and increases flow. 

Taste warming, slightly spicy with a earthy sweet undertone

4. Moon Time

 the intention of nourishing and supporting the womb/ body during throughout our cycle.  Nourishes the body and Helps to ease discomfort of cramping, clotting, fatigue, bloating, digestion, and headache. Mensural Cycles should not be painful! If you are experiencing these symptoms your body is asking you for support and to increase your flow! A cold uterus can result in painful, slow and heavy flow, clotting, PMS etc. The womb needs warming, stimulation of flow! With nourishing, and building properties to support us during menstruation, to optimize your bodies natural detoxing cycle. 

Properties: Warming, stimulating, relaxing, relieving 

Nettle-A powerhouse of dense nutrients to help nourish and rebuild balance in the body.

Ginger- Stimulating! Women often have a slow flow, due to excess "cold" in the body. This slows down the flow, which can result in painful, excessively long periods. Gingers warming properties increases blood circulation, which keeps the flow moving. Also a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reducer which helps ease cramps.

Cramp bark- Used to relax muscle spasms, aches and cramps. It both relaxes and tones the uterus. Also helpful with any problem involving pain or tension 

Red Raspberry Leaf- Rich in manganese, an essential element for oxygenation of the cells. Has an affinity for the women's reproductive system. 

Burdock Root- A blood cleanser and builder! Power anti-inflammatory that is full of medicinal properties!

Turmeric- A anti-everything! Excellent at decreasing inflammation and pain.

Cinnamon- A strong antimicrobial that has warming properties  Used in traditional Chinese medicine as a digestive and circulatory stimulant. Also has astringent properties that can help control heavy flow.

Licorice- A strong mucosal anti-inflammatory helpful with soothing of cramps.

  This tea is naturally sweet, slightly earthy and a mild spice, Enjoyable without sweetener! 


5. Cool and Calm-

This blend was created as a summer blend with the intention to help cool down the body from excessive heat, decrease bloat, and calm the mind. 

Blend of

Hibiscus- Her anti-inflammatory properties help with weight loss bloating and inflammation.

Chickweed-A mucilaginous herb that helps break down fats in the body and acts as a mild appetite suppressant and weight loss aid

Hawthorne Berry-Studies have confirmed that this berry improves and tones the heart muscle by improving oxygen uptake by the heart and circulation. It energizes the heart cells and dilates the blood vessels. 

Rose Hip- Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants to keep your skin glowing

Fennel-can I start great for intestinal inflammation indigestion and gas and respiratory illnesses. 

 Taste mild fruity, bitter, astringent, and cooling

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